Print stick on Tank

Hi Togehter,

On my last print the Model didnt stick on the Platform.

Now the Print sticked on the PDMS layer.
Does any body know how i can remove the cured resin from the layer without distroying it?

The Tank is only used for about 300ml of the Resin.
Tough resin was used.

kind regards


That never happened to me, however you can see more info here in a similar thread.

You have to scrape it off, and after that you will know if the tank survived or not.

Good luck

Ive submitted a ticket on this issue. Tough resin seems to have an issue this way.

I feel that the build base that the supports are built on needs groves to the sides to relieve vacuum caused by the indent in this base. If you look close at the build base you will see that the center is recessed with the outer side nice and flat. This causes a vacuum when the Build Plate tries to pull the parts from the tank bottom.

PLEASE submit a ticket on this and use the same explanation as to the the vacuum being caused by the build base.

If it’s got some cured resin stuck to the bottom of the tray then you can try to pull it off with tweezers, just try not to poke the PDMS with it. If it doesn’t stick to the platform you can try adjusting the Z-axis distance in Preform so that it starts a little bit lower which should make the first layers stick better to the platform.

Disappointed to hear that your print failed and if this continues happening, get in touch with our support team so that we can help out with troubleshooting.

The best way to go about removing the cured resin is to use the included spatula tool at a shallow angle to get beneath the resin. This shouldn’t require an excessive amount of force and once you get an edge of the resin up, the rest should remove relatively easily.

yes it is the second time this happens but only with this Resin.

The big problem is, that the cured resin stick realy hard on the PDMS layer. But i will try it later again.

kind regards

Same thing happened to me with Durable V1. I damaged the PDMS when I tried the spatula tool method. Still couldn’t get cured resin off. This is how it looks like before I poked a dimple in the PDMS layer:

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