Totaled tank? spots of cured durable resin stuck on the PDMS layer

After the printer+screen froze during printing, and a few failed prints; there are spots of very thin layer (~.1mm) of cured durable resin on the (build platform side of) the PDMS layer. I tried scraping it off according to the instruction here:
It’s not coming off. Is this tank totaled (unusable)?

I recently experienced the exact same thing. Assume the tank is done. I would carefully scrape the cured resin off (it will come with effort and force), and then try cleaning the tank as best you can. In my case I damaged the silicone layer slightly, but I intend to run a trial print “avoiding” the damaged area on my layout…will report when I run it. Too busy to put it back in service now though.

If you wanna be safe and keep printing, just put another tank on and GO!

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I too have had cured Tough resin stuck as a flat pancake to the bottom of the tank many times. Most of the time I am able to get it off, however twice, like @duoorthodontics, I tried to scrape it off and pulled the silicone layer up with it. In those two cases the tanks were also totaled.

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Thanks to you and @duoorthodontics for the tips. I’m pretty sure the tank is actually done, now that I chipped a piece of the PDMS off. Opps…

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