Builtplate get stuck on the PDMS

I seem to have some problems with nearly all my prints. After printing the first layer, the buildplate make a suction noise and get stuck on the PDMS and almost drags it off. I am printing with Strong resin from formlabs and have not made any changes to the Z-offset. the objects is rotated 10 degrees from the builtplate and are printet with Raft.

Hope that someone can help me, because it is beginning to be to expensive in Resin tanks.:frowning:


Sorry to hear that you got this issue. Let me collect some more info so we can try to walk it through.

What is the diameter of the part you are printing? Can you upload a picture of the job uploaded with the support?
What type of resin tank are you using, regular or LT tank?
The resin you used is tough resin?


i Am using the regular tank, and yes it is with Tough resin at 0.1mm layer thickness

Yes, the regular tank is not ideal from my experiance.

My suggestion is to change the support of the large part with mini raft, or place it on the side (standing up) so there will be less surface area that came in contact with the tank.

This suggestion is only for the regular tank, LT tank is far more robust and durable. Especialy for the rough resin.

Have you update the framework and software lately? Its also affecting the way the machine is work.

Keep us posted.

Then i bought a LT tank and then there are air bubbles and uneven surface in the PDMS! Are soon giving up on this printer. :frowning:

Air bubbles in the LT tank???
Never happened to me… have you asked for replacement? Got a picture maybe?

Don’t know if i can get a replacement, because i took the tank in use, before i notice the error…

I’m sure that if there is a malfunctions that the route cause is manufacturing, it will be replaced, or new one will be send instead.

Give it a try and contact tbe support :wink:

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