Build platform getting stuck on the silicone layer of resin tank during printing(+youtube)

I have problem that build platform getting stuck on the silicone layer of resin tank during printing.

When separating, there was loudy sound(like DDuk!)

I think that serial failure affected this problem.

I uploaded the video to youtube this phenomenon.

is there Anyone who has a solution?

Looks fine from here.  What do your prints look like?  How big is your model that is being printed in that video?

David Rosenfeld  // I added the photo. Thanks+_+_

Ok,  Are all the pictures of the butterflies?  If so, I would open up a support ticket.  I do not like what the rafts look like and I also see an issue (assuming the prints have not been popped off the build platform) with the prints hanging off the build platform.

It looks like maybe a laser and galvo / positioning problem.

Good luck

Hi Sung.

That looks like MadeSolid white resin rather than FL white, I too experienced louder peeling with that resin and also poor detail. I’m not sure if that’s the whole explanation, because my tests with the MS white were only single small parts, but it may be that printing lots of parts like that with the MS resin causes peeling problems with the larger surface area and apparent strong grip of cured MS resin to the resin tank PDMS.

Do you have the same issue with FL resins?