Parts seems to get stuck on the tank

This happens to me twice this week, first with the white and second with the black resin. It seems like the resin is soo goeey to begin with.

I clean the tank carefully and filter the old resin from big chunks and it seems to work again on the same parts, same setting, same file.

I wonder what happened there. There were a couple incidents like this found in the search but not sure If I understand how to prevent this from happening again.

Printer is about 60% use all the time and 1 year old.

This tends to be an artifact of either under-compression or unsupported minima. Are you noticing that the prints are failing altogether or that only sections of the part are missing? If there’s just a small section cured to the tank, it’s generally safe to run the print removal tool across the PDMS and peel it up. Otherwise, following the filtering guide is a good idea to ensure that there’s no rogue resin remaining.

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