Sticky Model Resin

After my resin tank expired few days ago I switched from Black V4 ( which I was using for the past 10 months ) to Model V2 resin. Of course new tank was installed too.

First couple of prints went without any issues but by the third one I had two pieces stuck to the bottom of my new tank. Next print it happened again, this time one out of 6 pieces got stuck. I rotated my parts by 90* ( flat ) and wiped out building platform with IPA hoping for better adherence. No luck. Two out of 5 pieces again ended up attached to the tank.

Now I’m totally confused what is going on. Building platform is one year long and has plenty of scratches which as far as I know helps with stickiness. Working with black resin I had this issue occurring once or twice over the last 10 months. Now every single time…!

What other factors can play a role here ? I forgot to check temperature while printing. Now when idle it shows 34 C.
Could this be somehow related to Model resin itself, or maybe Preform error when slicing files…?

Any suggestions most appreciated. Thanks

Did you ever figure this out?

Not really. Most likely bad batch of resin. Never used Model resin since.