White residue on resin tank bed from white resin?

Hey all,

I have some thick white reside from the pigment of the white resin on the silicone layer. Seems to only come off if I push the rubber spatula down and scrape. Is this normal? Will it affect the prints? About to do a test print now.

Pretty normal. Just scrape it and it will go away.
It shouldn’t affect prints but I always tried to remove it before putting the machine to work.

Ok thanks Tikey. It’s pretty tough to scrape so might leave it and see. Is this just with the white resin? Never had this with the grey. Wonder if its like this for the black also?

This is normal. The pigments in the resin settle onto the silicon layer, so you have to scrape it till it becomes clear. DO NOT print with the pigments on the silicon layer. The laser will not function as it should and it will cause failures. The black, the grey, the white, will all do this if the resin has enough time to sit.

Doh! Wish I caught your message earlier Dave. Will have to find out in the morning if this is the case :frowning:

Print seems totally fine (phew!) :slight_smile: The only thing that gets rid of the white reside is the metal scraper. Though hate using this on the silicone so will need to grind down those sharp edges.

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Yeah a lot of people here have done that. Slightly polish the edges of your scraper and you won’t have to worry about damaging the silicone. Of course if you’re careful you won’t need to worry regardless but its an easy safety measure to take. I print with a lot of white resin and my routine is to scrape and mix the resin for a solid 5 min or so before each print. Like Dave said, just make sure your silicone surface is nice and clear before you print. However long that takes.

Happy printing!

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