When to replace resin tank?

HI, I didn’t print anything in the past couple month and today I started a new print, and right before printing I got a warning that my V1 resin tank is at 91% it’s life span and might start leaking in the next few days, I went ahead and started the print but no I feel worried that it might leak mid print which is 16 hours long, should I stop the print and take out the tank or it should be ok to keep it printing ? and and what percentage do you guys usually change the resin tank ? Thanks.

Given the cost of trays and my impression that when trays fail, they tend to start of with microscopic tears… what I would do is once the end-of-life warnings start to appear, after every print, remove the tray, inspect the underside of the tray and the top surface of the LPU. If you detect any resin on the LPU surface, your tray likely has gone bad and you can move on. If not, keep using that tray until it dies.

Ah good to know, I checked my tank after the print was done and there was a light scraping at the bottom of it, so I took it out and waiting for the new one just to be safe.

I had a tank leak on me last year. It was a disaster and a huge pain in the ass to clean up. Moreover, with the Form 3, there are places that the resin will go that you can’t get to without completely disassembling the entire printer, which is way, way too much trouble to try to do.

Back then, there was no lifespan estimator or tracking or anything of the sort, and the firmware and software was less mature. I think all of that was a factor, but because of my experience I take tank condition and lifespan very, very seriously.

You really, really don’t want to have to try to clean up a resin spill in the Form 3.

Yea I can imagine how much of a disaster it would be if the tank ended up leaking resin, not entirely sure at which percentage is best o replace the tank, Also I ordered a new tank but not sure if i should leave the old one in place till I get the new one or remove it, and if I remove it, is it ok to leave the printer without a tank for few days ? or that will be exposing the LPU ?

Absolutely do not store tanks in the printer. Store them in their “tank caddy” with the orange lid in place to protect the resin from ambient UV light.

The LPU lives in a space to the right of the opening, so there’s nothing to worry about there.

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Perfect, thanks for the quick response, I’ll go ahead and remove the tank and place it in its original tank storage till the new one arrive.

The only thing left that I’ll contribute to this thread is that I believe this is a design flaw in the Form 3. The bottom of the printer should either drain to the outside or to an alarmed resin trap or something. I find it unfathomable that they didn’t make some sort of provision for handling internal leaks. If there is going to be a design revision, I’d expect that to be an area of improvement.


literally didnt think of this… not sure if Form2 gives this warning… so I guess I’m gonna have to find space to store the ‘tank’ (hate that term honestly…) X_X