Can longterm resin saturation cause leaks in Resin Tanks?

Hey everyone, hope to get some answers with this… Yesterday I was getting ready to start a print, it stopped it for a Resin Sensor error, I removed the tank and found that it’s been leaking. So I take the tank out, clean it to the best of my ability - Couldn’t find the source of the leaks, so I wondered if something else was to blame. Put the tank back in, waited an hour, aaaand it’s leaking again. So to avoid holding myself up, I emptied the resin from that tank, put it in a new standard tank, just to continue my work. Oddly enough, the resin continued to leak from the tank after It was mostly emptied.

So I began looking at the tank more closely, and noticed that the silicon layer was starting to come up on the edges. Could it be that the resin getting underneath was causing the leaks?.. I have been using this LT tank since October, I believe, so perhaps letting the resin sit in a tank longterm degrades it? I pulled out a standard tank I used before I switched to the LT one - it’s been sitting on a shelf since then with the resin still in it. And I notice that THAT is slowly leaking as well from the underside, when it was fine for use four months ago.

Should I start considering emptying the tanks when I know I won’t be using them? To minimize the amount of time that they’re filled? And is there any way to patch the leak? Like with a clear silicon or something? Should I bother trying? These are just a few of my burning questions.

I would appreciate any knowledge on the matter. Thanks!

Hey @Vigilant3DArt!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your LT tanks! That’s absolutely not the sort of problem we like to see, and it’s certainly not expected behavior.

Typically we recommend leaving resin in a tank, and in a printer, for no more than a week or two between uses. Outside of a printer, the tanks can hold resin comfortably for a couple months, as long as they’re properly stored in a cool dark place.

Given all that, this definitely shouldn’t have happened to your tank! Especially an LT Tank. In order to get this issue resolved most efficiently, please get in touch with our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to help you swap that tank out and address any residual effects of the leaking.

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Thanks!.. I feel a little silly, because I contacted support last week with a question about the warranty, and to test the laser, and I said that everything was working great! :sweat_smile:

I will send an email about it with as much detail as I can, thanks.

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