Second batch of Resin tank leakage

Second time finding out some number of tanks have leaked resin all over the stored tanks. Leaking down the side and off onto my nice optical grade wipes…

Anyone else having multiple cases where a Form 2 resin tank doesn’t do it’s “one job”?

I hate having to clean this goop up…


Y’all withdrawing posts now?

I don’t know no more, just don’t want to have a nice clean lab and wake up to a goopy mess in the morning

How long were the tanks sitting with the resin in them?
Which resin and which tanks?

The standard resin tank with the amber acrylic sides. Probably bewn sitting there a year now, printing has slowed considerably.

Whilst looking for the leak in the tank, I have found the true culprit, the shelf with all the resin cartridges immediately above it!
It was the ceramic resin from the cartridge leaking at the dispensing nipple.

It’s not really recommended to keep resin in the tank for a prolonged time.
Anything above 2 weeks is a lottery, but you can get away with 1 month max.

The photoactivator in the resin slowly eats at the PDMS layer and delaminates it.

The ceramic resin also seems to weaken the polystyrene tank covers extremely, to the point where they just crack under next to zero load… nasty stuff.

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