Half a liter, end of life for tray? Form 3

Brand new Form3… works great out of the box!
Ran about 6 prints, using clear, and consuming half a liter of resin.
Printer gave error that said “resin tank is at end of life, change before it leaks and causes a real mess…”. (I paraphrased).
Dashboard returns correct correlation between parts printed cumulative volume and remaining resin.
Given the cost at $149 bucks USD for a new tank, I’m hesitant to rush to throw away the tray, especially after only half a liter of resin being used.

Is it normal/common for a tank to be at end of life only after half a liter of resin consumption?

I got this message yesterday with a brand new tank, but tapped on “Ignore” on the printers LCD after confirming the print start. Didn’t clean contacts or anything.
Printed fine and Dashboard reported “0% Good Health” on the same tank afterwards.

Hi, I got the same problem after the last firmware update and asked FormLabs. The answer was - the cartridge life time is estimated by taking in account:

  • age of the tank since the first use (<= 38 weeks)
  • age of the tank from production date
  • number of prints done, actually how many layers were print (high resolution prints wear out faster the tank)
  • amount of printed resin (<5 l)

Additional factors which affect the tank lifetime are the presence of abrasive dust in the environment, the type of the used resin, etc.

It seems that in your case the age of the tank is dominant factor for the warning message, as you used just 500 ml resin. It’s warning message, not error message so if you sure everything is alright with the tank you can continue using the printer. Maybe the idea is that FormLabs wants to wash their hands if the tank breaks and resin leaks inside the printer because of the usage of old tank

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