Dashboard says Tank has Good Health (33%) printer says tank is nearly out of life time?

I’m currently using a tank for Tough2000 Resin with 33% Good Health, but the printer still reports that the tank is nearly out of lifetime? That annoys me. Is there anything you can do about it? I am just using this tank.

this tank sould be ok i think.


Where does it say that the tank is nearly out of lifetime?
I have noticed that occasionally, PreForm will report that my tank is expired, but then if I close and reopen, it says everything is fine. Not sure what thats all about…

The printer itselt reports that the tank is out of lifetime. Dashboard on formlabs site and preform saying everythings allright, can show a picture from printerdisplay next printjob.

Thats annoying. if its keeping you from printing, definitely submit a ticket to support. they seem pretty quick to respond with ideas/solutions/things to test. good luck!

Formlabs gives the tank life as:

Maximum lifetime: 10 weeks (75 days) exposed to resin, or 250 hours of printing, whichever occurs first

So if the tank has done 250 hours of printing within 25 days then it will have come to the end of its life.

Unfortunately, the dashboard doesn’t report the hours of printing.


Sorry for the late reply, but this sounds like the tank might have been misprogrammed or you are facing a software bug. If you could reach out to our Support Team directly if you are still having this issue, we can help fix this bug or get you a free replacement tank. Apologies for the inconvenience!