Tanks showing as “expired” after 3 uses

Hi all. I have a form 3. I have 3 different resin types.

Grey V4
Clear V4
Tough 1500.

I’ve used Clear V4, and Tough 1500 3 times each. Both resin tanks are snowing at 109% “end of life” expired.

What the heck is going on here. I just got the tanks from Formlabs last week and both have THREE print uses on them. I’ve used them 3 times each for very small objects. I haven’t even gotten through until resin cartridge on either of them.

In the case of the tough 1500 tank, the bottom layer actually collapsed and spilled resin in the storage tray. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Out of curiosity what resolution are you printing at? I think smaller resolutions (e.g. 25um) wear out the tank faster than larger ones (e.g. 100um), since more passes are required. I’m not saying they should be worn out after 3 prints, just trying to get some more detail.

I have Only printed at the lowest resolution possible, 100. Never used 25

Try to clean the tank memory chip contacts (the tank has build in memory chip to keep track of the tank usage), if the contacts are dirty it’s possible that the printer reads wrong data and considers the tank is empty.

I had that same issue and contacted “formlabs support”. I got the advise to ignore the warning untill I had used 5 liters of resin. Also there is a timespan (I think it is if more than 35 weeks in use with resin in it). Support wrote that probably something went wrong with the tank chip.

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