Over ride build tank expired warning

I infrequently print with our Form 3 (every other month or so) and have been getting build tank lifetime expired warnings for our Tough 2000 tank.

Up until today, I’ve been able to acknowledge the warning and still print. And all my prints have come out great.

But today, I had to update PreForm and now it won’t let me print with this tank.
Am I missing something? Can I override this warning and continue to print with this tank?

PreForm version is 3.33.1

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This is pretty much intentional. Just like what they did with cartridges with the last firmware update.

Formlabs decided that little over two year old grey resin is unsafe to use -even though it prints perfectly fine- I now have to throw away 8 liter of resin due to this sudden decision.

It’s dreadful the direction this company is going.

you can always pur old resin into newer tanks and fill them up

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You still need a “not expired” cartridge for that.

It’s sad to see Formlabs being so anti-consumer lately.

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yes, just buy one and keep refilling it with the old resin, or use the old resing directly in the tank

Doesn’t work. Cartridge will get locked out after 2 liter of resin.

Seems like a good reason not to update firmware then… :confounded:

It won’t end well for Formlabs, there are some great alternatives on the Market now with much cheaper resins and more open systems. My Form 2 is getting old I won’t be replacing it with a locked down consumer unfriendly Form 3. I will be out of here.

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Can you post a photo of what the printer is showing?

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