Newbie with form 2 in trouble

Hi all…I’m new here and new to 3D printing in general so would appreciate any advice ye can offer.

I’m getting the following warning on my new form 2. I’ve tried 6 different prints and only one (a really small print) has worked out. When this happens the only option that appears available to me is to abort the print. :weary:


You have to match the resin type and version in Preform before sending it to the printer, as each resin has different printing settings.

Thanks John…appreciate the reply. I’m pretty sure I’ve that done. I’ve only one resin type and tank and I just checked in preform and the correct ones are selected.

Happened to me a lot during the print although the resin matched the tank. Have you installed the latest firmware?

Yup…everything is up to date.

Does it happen before the print or during?
Although I have the latest firmware, I still have sometimes the wrong cartridge/tank warning before my prints. Yesterday I had to swap my cartridge with an old empty one then back to the actual and finally it got recognized. If you have another cartridge (even if not the right resin) you can try this.

Always during the print. I changed the cartridge yesterday for a new one and it happened again. Not sure if it’s relevant but my workshop is too far to pick up the WiFi so I bring the router closer and use it to send over the drawings etc. and start the print. Once it’s running I return the router to the opposite end of the house. The two successful prints were the only timers I left the router in place during the full print. :man_shrugging:

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You might have an issue with the resin and tank sensors. Is your printer hooked up to Formlabs server ? If yes then look at the dashboard, you’ll see a very simple log of each print and it might give you more details on the errors encountered.

I’d contact Formlabs after having looked at the dashboard regardless of the information it gives you.

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