Tank Life

I have a Form 3L, and it seems to me that the tank replacement comes on to early. Has anyone experimented with by passing the warning of replacing the tank and if so for how many more print hours were you able to get?

You’re not alone. It’s a hot mess, with no clear answers. The tanks are way too fragile, and it’s a product defect. It’s just the best they can do, but not any good.

With Tough2000, I’m getting warnings after only two (complicated, and large) prints.
Worse, the logs sent to FL, what I see on the printer, and the totals in Dashboard are all different, so I don’t know what to believe.

Some have reported using the tanks for nearly a year, with no failure! I just replaced a tank after a handful of prints that was showing membrane separation. I replaced it just in time.

As far as the built in warnings, I think they’re pretty crudely derived. I’ve asked for clarification in several emails, and have some details, but not enough, so far. The saga continues.

I believe FL is using time heated as the major factor, including fill time and calculation time, since the resin is corrosive and eats at the tank.

There’s also the second limit, which is just days in use, but you probably won’t get there. I don’t think the two calculations work in conjunction, but are independant. But I don’t know for sure.

But I should think the time actually printing, with layer separation, is more stressful than when it’s just sitting there. That’s not, however considered.

FL admits their expiry is quite conservative, since they don’t want to own the mess a failed tank makes.

There’s no hard and fast rule, as in “you can use the tank for twice as long, safely”. I don’t think you have to replace as soon as the warnings demand. So what to do? It really depends on what resin you’re using, and the prints themselves. The safest thing to do is look after every print, after you’ve exceeded the recommended life.

Examining the tanks for wear is hard, and time consuming. Easiest if you drain the tank. You might as well filter the resin while you’re at it. (I often find little clumps, even without any failed prints).

If you see the membrane starting to separate from the black border, it’s time to replace the tank. Separation shows up as white intrusions into the black square.

Sorry I can’t give you more concrete suggestions.

Thanks Rob,

I am also using tough 2000, I am going by the seat of my pants on how far to push it but I have probably done around 50+ print hours since the warning first came on. I inherited the printer and it was sitting for awhile before that so that may also be a reason why I can go past that point. I haven’t seen any signs or deterioration of the tank bed so far. I am have tempted to push it more but weighing the mess it will make vs the cost of a new tank and material is tough.