New resin tank showing tank reached end of life

I inserted a new and fresh resin tank in form 3B. But while starting the job it show a warning that " Tank reached end of lifetime"
When I check the usage for this tank it shows

  1. days with resin: 18509/250
  2. Hours printed: 0/600

Is this a bug or the tray is damaged?

I have started Job ignoring this warning as of now.

Do I need to replace this tank?

Thank you.

I guess a bug. It doesn’t look like the tank has been used more than 50 years. lol

Try to contact the customer service and see if it requires change.


Printed using that tank and now the days and hours are reset

I have the same problem with two of our resin tanks (Form 3 resin tanks V2). Both showed the warning about the expired life time from the first use on. Both show that the first date used is 01/01/1970. It did not reset after the first prints. This is quiet anoying since we use different resins and tanks and it would be nice to keep track of the tanks lifespan.

Hi @TArnold,

sorry for the inconvenience but it sounds like those tanks were misprogrammed; please contact our Support Team if you haven’t already and we can either remotely fix this or provide you with replacement tanks.