Brand new tank shown as 25140% past lifetime

As the title states it was a brand new tank. I unwrapped it immediately before placing it in the printer for this print. The printer recognized it as a new tank, and prompted me about programming the tank for the Tough 2000 resin the print was using. When the print was about to begin, it came up with a warning stating that the tank was past its lifetime. Clearly not. What gives? I choose to ignore the warning, but now I have no tank health meter. My dashboard list it as 25,140% past its lifetime. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Yes, that’s common, unfortunately.
That happened to lots of the 3L v1 tanks (some sort of bug during manufacturing - tanks were factory set to 1970/01/01) but it’s only visual and obviously annoying.
A firmware update was made a while back to hide that bug (at least on the 3L, not sure about the Form 3).

Hi @KevinWieczorek,

As @Eks mentioned, these are known issues with the Form 3 and 3L. We have already released a fix for the Form 3L, and a fix for the Form 3 is actively in the works! I’ll be sure to let you know as it is released.

The bug fix has been released, and it seems to have solved the issue

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