Tank health Bug

I just opened up 2 brand new (manufactured date Aug 2020) resin tanks. Used 1 for Tough 2000 and the other for Rigid and the first print reported tank health as fair because it has been used 66/75 days. It isn’t even 66 days since it was manufactured.

Tried cycling power to the printer and removing the tank and replacing.

Anyone else having a Tank Health Bug?

Have you put resin into the tray yet?

As I understand it, the counter is only calibrated when the tray is first loaded with resin.

Yes. I loaded up new tray and new resin and performed first 2 prints.

The manufacture data was a little over a month ago.

Take a look at the screen shot.

I was thinking that maybe it was “life left” and not “life used”. But 67 days divided by 75 days equals 89%. So I’m wrong…

It is disturbing that the life of the tray is measured solely by how many days it’s had resin in it. 1622 layers out of 25000 would seem to make more sense, and that’s only 6.5% used. Maybe it’s “whichever is greater”. But even it was layers-printed, you’d think it’d matter what was printed. If I did 25000 layers of something that’s only 1" square, and I print it exclusively in the center of the build plate, only that spot is going to be worn out. I ought to be able to do another 25000 layers someplace else, no?

Definitely a software bug that they need to fix.