Build tank submerged in resin? is that normal

Hi, newbie here, finally getting around to my first print. It seems to me there is too much resin in the tank, is the build platform supposed to be sitting in the resin?? I’m not sure what to do, it just doesn’t look normal.

We work with a Form 2 and the tank is around halfway submerged while it prints the first layers.
How much of the tank is sitting on the resin?

thanks for your help, I’ve attached photos

Looks normal to me. You will have resin left in the tank when your print is done.

For me the resin level looks normal as well. In any case I would suggest you calibrate the resin level sensor - update firmware to the latest one and use the procedure to calibrate the sensor.

If not calibrated, level sensors may report the resin is less and hence increase the amount of resin trapped into the tank.

thanks for the input, it seems I am printing fine, just after each print so much left, i cannot use this tray with another color for sure :frowning:

You can pour your unused resin back into the source. By and large, your resin tank is more than half empty when you start with an empty (new) tray.

I haven’t changed resin-type in a tray before. I tried almost a year ago and it seemed impossible, but perhaps that’s changed.

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