Tank lifetime suddenly ended

So after almost a year using a V1 tank prints were getting bad and lifetime reached its end, I decided to change the tank for a V2 on September 28. 8 days after, failures were a common thing it was reported to local support so pics were taken, here you can see that on 8 OCT 2020 the tank had 12 days with resin and 21% lifetime .

Today is November 29 2020 and the tank says it has 240 days with resin and 96% lifetime.

Can someone at formlabs can explain me why suddenly my tank is dead? and why should I need to replace it after 60 days?

Hours printed are just 237/600

Pictures talk by themselves.

What resin are you using?

Have you checked the tray stats on the dashboard?

Sure, we already cheked the tank is from White v4 resin it says the tank was first used in march… But that is not possible we bought the tank in september 2020…

The same thing is happening also with another tank V1 for draft resin.

Hey @Mario_Martinez,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post. This is an error we’ve seen before, albeit pretty rarely.

Please get in touch with our support team here, and they’d be more than happy to either get this tank working for you, or potentially swap it out ASAP if necessary.

Hi @DKirch thanks for the information, I will contact them, in the meantime will updating to the latest firmware can solve the issue?

The machine is dealing with a couple of other issues reported previously to local support, and they suggested to update the firmware however not sure if this issue is firmware related.

Hey Mario!

Thanks for letting me know! I passed the email you use here(I won’t type it out here, but it’s the one on your Forum profile) and they said they had no recent emails from that address.

Do you have a different email address you’ve been using? If so, feel free to message me privately here and I can pass that along to our services team.

Otherwise, I can have them reach out to your email address first to make sure we’ve gotten the conversation started correctly. Just let me know. :slight_smile: