Resin Tank Expired... By 53 Years?

Anybody else get these errors? It’s happened a couple of times for me, different tanks & different materials.

Not sure what the deal is with this tank. The other day I tried to start a print from the queue on the machine (Form 3). The machine said it needed a Flexible 80A tank installed and that the current tank did not match. I opened the machine up and removed/reinstalled the tank which made the machine happy. Just odd that it didn’t read it as the right tank (even though it hadn’t been removed after the last successful print), Will see if it happens again…

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Shouldn’t be but that’s normal. Many tanks come predefined with the first fill date set as zero in epoch time which translates to January 1st 1970 at 00:00:00. You get the previous day probably due to a timezone correction.

Long story short, the tank will work as usual but, if you want to know how many days you have you used it then it’s better you add a sticker to it with the real first time you used it.


Hi @alexinman,

@Eks was right on the money here; sometimes the EEPROM chips on the tanks can be misprogrammed and the result is time-traveling tanks. If you contact our Support Team, they can either apply a remote fix to this tank or get you a replacement!

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