Resin Tank error message

I just pluigged in a new resin tank freshly ordered this week and as soon as I tried to print I got a error message saying its the end of this tanks lifespan and I should replace it.

This is obviously incorrect, but can I just hit ignore on the error? Will I need to determine on my own when this tank is done?

In the touch screen it says 7800/250 days and 0/600 hours printed

Lastly, how quickly should this tank fill? I put the draft resin on and it is taking forever and seems to just be dripping unlike the rigid 10k resin which seemed to come out faster and as a stream.

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If you contact Support they will check it for you and if the error persists will most likely send you a new one.

They are quite quick at solving requests!

Good luck!

@kevinw, I have run into this several times. It was a specific batch of tanks that had the programming go wonky (technical term).
Options are to ignore it and keep track of it yourself, have support remote in and ‘reprogram’ it, or exchange for a fresh tank. I opted for the reprograming. It was still a pain and I wish that I had just exchanged it for a new tank.

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Hi @kevinw ,

@KBKB was spot-on that we had a batch of tanks that were indeed wonky, but if you reach out to our Support Team any time you encounter one, we can help to either reprogram or replace it for you. Take care!