I programed the wrong resin for the tank - help!

Our tank life had expired on our Grey Pro resin and after transferring the resin into the new tank and placing it into our Form 3 I miss-read the menu for programing the tank and hit next thinking it would show me a list of available resins. But what I managed to do was select the first on the list “Black” and program the tank for it. After realising my error I tried to re-program the tank but Grey Pro is listed as incompatible with Black. How can I fix this up? We predominately use Grey Pro all the time and don’t even have Black.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can’t you reprogram it via the reprogram tank option in the maintenance menu?

Grey Pro is not an option to re-program too, most other seem OK though when going through the menu?

Have a look at this link

It states " A Form 3/Form 3B resin tank can only be reprogrammed to a resin type with identical compatibility and lifetime restrictions."

Not sure if Black and Grey Pro are incompatible, but I do remember that Grey Pro has shorter tank lifetime (compared to Standard Black)

Hi @Andrew_W,

I’m sorry to hear about the mix-up! Please contact Support and they will either help to reprogram the tank (if applicable) or could be able to replace your tank for you so that you are not stuck with an unusable tank!

Good news! Just a follow up after contacting Support. They sent us a new tank, which was great seeing as it was a user error.

In the future one needs to be very careful when programming a new tank. And read and understand the menu selection clearly.

Maybe a waring message before committing the change, that once a tank is programmed with certain resins re-programming for others with different compatibility and lifetime’s will not be possible?



yeah, there are definitely some resins that you can’t come back from.

There’s only a few and I suspect the black is one of them ….as well as some of the tough resins because their profiles are very different than the standard ones.