Resin Tray incorrectly assigned

I have a Form 3 and I’m fairly new to printing with resin. I incorrectly assigned the tank to black instead of grey when I was using the one touch printing. Is there a way of resetting the tank to grey or do I have to use a different tank? I took the tank out and turned the printer off for a while. Re-inserted tank and powered the printer back on only to discover the tank still says black. Ugh! Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.

With the tank installed, try starting a new print that uses a different resin. I believe you’ll need the cartridge for the new resin installed. The Form 2 would show a confirmation dialog that allows you to override and change the resin assigned to the tank (along with a warning to make sure it’s been thoroughly cleaned out).

Let us know if that works similarly on the Form 3!

At least with the newest Firmware, this definitely should work with the Form 3.

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