Reassign resin tank?


This old thread indicates it is possible to reassign a resin tank.

I’m running firmware 1.4.4 on a Form 3 printer, and I do not see how one can reassign a resin tank. Is it possible?

If I have a resin tank that is keyed to Grey resin, and I instert a black resin cartridge into the printer, on priming the printer informs me of the incompatibility, with the only option being to abort the priming.

Am I missing a menu somewhere, where resin tanks can be reassigned?

I haven’t tried tank reassignment on the Form 3 yet. What happens if you don’t prime it, and install the “incompatible” tank after the print is sent to the printer?

Hey, I’m considering doing this right now (flexible resin hasn’t been as useful as i thought it would be for my workflow) and I’m curious as to how you cleaned your tank to prep for the new resin type. Any tips?

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