Only 0.5L is printed from cartridge untill it is empty

I got new Form 3 with a fresh resin cartridge, but i was able to print only half a litter before it is completely empty. I was under impression that resin is just in the tank, but no, it could not be that this is a HALF LITER of it in the tank.

Am i missing something?

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I"ve got a bit of the same concern. Supposedly there is 300ml left in my tank… I just don’t see it. I can see the film in the bottom of the tank. Tough 2000.

I’ve been tracking my Form 3 and even though I’ve only done 700 mL worth of prints it has used 1L of resin. I’ve repeated this same thing over 3 cartridges.

So the Form 3 is using about 43% more resin than PreForm says it will when it prints.

I notified Formlabs of this project (as it was also doing it with Tough resin) back in February and then were working on investigating it but then Covid hit.

It should be noted that the Form 3 uses more resin to make the same exact print than a Form 2 does if you are using Tough or Tough 2000. We’ve weighed the prints to provide and Formlabs has been testing this as well.

It was all in motion and then Covid hit and so that testing has been delayed to figure out why.

I am posting on here to keep the forum open because I really would like an answer.

I am about to comb through the forum to also see if you can keep on printing even after your cartridge is empty.
Being totally new to the liquid resin type of additive manufacturing I have to say there are a lot more hidden costs than one is led to believe. Not that I do not love my Form 3 and could absolutely not do the the type of work with my old CNC machine or filament type printer …,I still cannot make the simple costing calculation of “oh, the resin costs 150 bucks per liter so a 1 liter part will cost 150 bucks”

I guess I chalk that up to experience…

It would be nice if some from Formbabs would chime in

Agreed … but I’m sure if they did it would be simply to say that they are aware of the issue (ie the Form 3 using about 20% to 40% more resin than a Form 2 does for the same work) and they are working on the problem as much as Covid is currently allowing them.

Following. I’m In a situation where my cartridge is empty, but there is PLENTY of resin to print < 1 cubic inch part, but it won’t move forward with the print. Anyone else find any workarounds to this?

Hi Kpark,

There is a known problem with Form3 tank resin level sensor - it need calibration otherwise it keeps too much resin in the tank. Update the latest firmware and run Calibrate resin lever sensor procedure. I had similar problem but after calibration everything is alright,

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Thank you for your suggestion. Can you point me in the direction for the Calibration Procedure? I managed to get the printer to run by tilting it to one side during the filling cycle, but would like to correct this problem.

After updating the firmware to latest one - go into utilities (sorry, the printer is not around me - I’m telling this by heart) and select “Tank sensor calibration” - it will guide you with detailed instructions what you have to do.

Here are some snapshots from the Form3 screen, so the sequence is - Maintenance/Resin_Level_Calibration - then follow the instructions

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