REALLY look over your new resin tanks!

Just ordered a new tank and just as I was putting it into the printer and filling it for the first time that it has a nasty crack on the front face.

I’m glad that I caught it before setting up a print job or else it would likely have ruined my printer due to leaked resin.

Hey Dungeon Stone, that’s a bummer about your tank integrity. These things can happen in transit, etc. :frowning:

Having just ordered a spare tank myself, I’ll be sure to do a visual inspection so thanks for posting … I suppose this is a good point as well to possibly fill the resin tank *before* it actually goes into the printer for a job, to make sure it’s good to go? Better safe than sorry.

You’ll probably send it back to form for replacement … but I bet a bit of acrylic cement would fix that. Problem is that is not necessarily easy to source depending on your location … and it’s not particularly nice stuff to work with. Still, if one had a replacement tank and also happened to have the old cracked tank, one could make a repair to have a spare tank for testing purposes/backup, etc.


Yikes, good catch. Just curious, did you get a notification that your form1 was on its way? I’m scheduled to get one in March…sometime…cannot get specific info…

Definitely get in touch with our support – – they’ll fix you up.

I did already. I will try again.

Ryan fixed me up and a new tank is headed this way as we speak.

Josh: This is a replacement tank for me. I have had my printer since last Sept.