Form2 replacing the silicone in the resin tank?

Hello guys,

I’m about to order a Form2 and have found answers to all my question except this one - can we replace the silicone in the resin tank as with Form1 printers? I have the required skills and equipment to do it myself - vacuum pumps, pressure chambers, etc. I’m doing vacuum casting every day and I’m used to working with silicones and resin, so this is not an issue, but I don’t know if there is a technical limitation of doing this.

So did anyone replace the silicone on Form2 resin tank and is it possible?

yes its possible. I did it and the tank is in use without problems.

Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any recommendations? I think some hints will be useful for all of us.

Hi Klaus

Did you use Sylgard or another clear rubber? How much material did you need to use?


HI PlamenBarazakov
There is nothing difficult to do. You just have to be careful, work very precise and everything must be very clean.
Clean the tank as good as possible with cleaning paper.
Put out the old silicon layer with a cutter (a small one) - start in an edge. Do not touch the glas.
I weight the silicon and it was 105 g.
Level the resin tank very carefully!!!
I mixed about 110 g Wacker Silicone Elastosil RT 604 A/Wacker Elastosil RT 604 B (mixing ratio 9:1 - 99g A - 11g B)). Mix it very well for about one minute. Put the silicone in a new cup and mix it again for about one minute. don´t forget to reach all edges of the cup.
Put the silicon into the resin tank and empty the cup as good as possible.
I cover the tank with plastic wrap. Leave it alone for one day. Ready. I use the new covered tank after waiting three or four days. No vacuum is needed.


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Hallo Klaus,
das heisst man kann die Tanks reparieren wenn der Boden abdrücke zeigt ?
Wo kann man die Wacker sachen auf Rechnung kaufen ?


Ja, man kann sie reparieren.
Ich hab meines in Österreich bei gekauft. Aber in Deutschland gehts vielleicht hier:


Hi Klaus. Did you have a chance to compare the usage of the original tank and the one made by you? I mean does it last as the original and is the quality the same?


I can´t see any difference.

The tank is pretty similar, if you’ve changed the silicone on the old tank then you’ll have no problem doing it on the new one.

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