From2 Resin trays replace or refurb?

Hello all you 3Ders…
Having not posted a topic before I thought I’d jump straight in and ask, are any of you refurbishing Form2 resin trays ?
Do you know of anyone refurbishing ?
Would you recommend it ?
We use a new tray every 2 resin tanks (Dental) pushing it anymore and the print quality deteriorates quickly, meaning we have now something like 9-10 ‘old trays’ in need of refurb or trash…
I do have an ultra clear, pourable silicone resin (Dental again) we have thought to try but I don’t know if it’s a PDMS (I think it is, but will check)

The datasheet should tell you if it’s PDMS.
A lot of users are doing what you want and a lot of topics can be found on this forum. Just do a quick search on PDMS :slight_smile:

I used to re coat my trays with the Form 1 but I don’t use enough on the Form 2. It’s just too time consuming for one or two trays.

If you can do 5 or 10 trays at once it might be worth it. A bit of a production line approach could make it worth the trouble. This way you could mix a batch of material for all the tanks, pour the correct amount in each tank on a scale, and level off the tanks.

Depending on the material the tray may or may not last as long as a Formlabs.

Or just get the long use trays when they become available.

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It can be pretty cheap to redo the PDMS on the tray, you just need to know the right amount and make sure that the optical window is very clean.
Though it’s probably a better value and easier to go with the new trays

Zvat industries:

I have them rebuild my trays with optical glass instead of the plastic. While I think the PDMS layer clouds first, the plastic window on your tray degrades as well so you should switch to glass. They can also recoat your trays. I have had good results and their turnaround has been great.