How to print with black ver 3 canister and black ver 2 resin tank?

I have black version 3 canister and black version 2 resin tank. I get a point of no return when it says abort print with ta message that the black is two different versions. Eileen at Formlabs tells me they can be mixed. But how?

I tried open mode, it says the wiper and heater will be disabled and the quality of the print may be degraded.

This does not seem optimal.

What are the step by step directions for printing with black ver 2 in the tank and black ver 3 in the canister?

This should be possible the way that you have things set up! Normally the resin tank will be automatically reassigned to match the cartridge. What resin setting are you using in Preform? You’ll want to make sure that this is set to Black V3 (i.e matching the cartridge) before sending your file to the printer.

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