Saving resin inbetween cartridges

Its been a bit since ive used my Form 2 and am now using quite a bit. So burning through resin.
A question I have is about how to get the most out of the cartridge. When it tells me its time to replace, i have quite a bit left in there. Ive poured it into the try when switching cartridges, and then i got a overfilled tank message. So i syringed that resin back into the old cartridge.

What im getting at is as expensive as this resin is, how can i make sure im using all of it? This was 3 good sized syringes worth of resin i removed from the tank.

Thank you!

On a Form2 the first warning comes when the cartridge is about 75% used. So you can print another 200-250ml of resin before the cartridge runs out.

I find I can judge how empty the cartridge is by lifting it in the printer a couple of inches.

you can weight a full cartidge and an empty one, then it’s easy.

Hi @slewiscurious,

Thanks for getting in touch. In addition to the suggestions the others shared, I wanted to mention that pouring the excess resin into the tank should be fine. You’ll just want to make sure the resin level is between the min and max fill lines to avoid the overfilled tank message you encountered.