How much resin does the Form 2 tray hold? AKA Good to the last drop?

Hey gang. Does anyone have a rough guess as to how much resin the Form 2 tray holds? The cartridge I was using had 334mL of resin left in it. (From my records not Dashboard.) I started a print that would require 197.51mL before I went to bed. When I got up, the printer was paused because it couldn’t dispense anymore resin. I checked and the cart was bone try, so I topped it off with a leftover bottle of from my Form 1. (There’s another thread on that.)

Everything is printing again, but it brings me back to my original question. Does the tray hold about 350mL? If so, is there a way to tell the printer to keep printing through all that resin even if the cartridge is empty? I don’t keep a bunch of resin on hand, so I’d hate to have a print stop even though there is enough resin in the tray to finish it. Thanks!

iirc the tray holds ~260ml of resin at the fill line. I believe @Stephen can verify that.

You should have plenty to finish. Just hit resume, or continue or whatever the verbiage is and it will finish even without dispensing new resin.

The weird bit was that there wasn’t a resume button or somethign similar like when it thinks the cartridge is running low. I might have somehow missed it though, I’ll get myself into the same situation and see what happens. I also just wanted to make sure my math wasn’t somehow way off.

It’s not “resume”, but “continue”. The printer will give you the option to continue printing even after it’s decided the cartridge is empty. I routinely challenge myself to consume all the resin in the tank before I replace a tank. That usually corresponds to the point where I’ve emptied a second cartridge using that same tank. I’ve gotten down the point the remaining resin is so low it starts pooling and no longer uniformly covers the bottom of the resin tray…

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