Resin Tray capacity

Can someone tell me how much resin the Form 2 tray holds? Knowing this and the fact that the cartridges are 1 liter, I can judge about how many prints I can make based on the amount left after filling the tray.
Also, in the PreForm software, it tells you the volume of the build in mL. Does this also include the supports as well?

RE the supports, the volume changes when the supports are added.

Hope that helps.


The Form 2 tray holds about 160ml of resin. Also as Will pointed out…Preform does estimate volume with supports when they are generated.


There’s a minor typo in @Jory’s latest reply. Just want to point out that the Form 2 tank holds 260 mL (not 160 mL) when filled to the maximum fill line.

Be sure to connect and checkout the online Dashboard, too, @Ken_Weiland. The online Dashboard platform allows you to review past print history and also receive notifications as prints progress. This would be a great tool to make any measurements or quotes based on your prints’ volumes.


This seemed close enough to what I wanted to ask about that I figured joining here would be better than a new topic.

I had to abort a 23 hour print this weekend, with 30 minutes left.

The reason? My cartridge was empty and I didn’t have a new one to put in. I ordered more, but it will be a week or two before it gets here and I didn’t want to leave a partial print hanging on the bed that long.

There would have been more than enough resin in the tray to finish the job, but there was no way to override the ‘replace cartridge’ message.

Is there some future plan to allow us to use that 160ml of resin? It sort of feels like whatever is in the tray is held hostage by the printer.


Thanks Stephen for the info about the tray capacity. So I made a little excel chart for keeping track of how much resin I have left to use.

As shown above, I consider the starting point is about 740mL that I can use, and I keep track by entering every print I make and it automatically deducts that amount. Therefore, when I load a tray, and prepare a print, PreForm will tell me how much resin it will take, and I just check my chart to make sure there is enough to make the part. I can also estimate when I need to order more resin.

Hi Ken, love the idea.

Out of curiosity how accurate have you found preform to be in terms of accuracy in predicting the resin used?

Many thanks.


Judging by your comment in the firmware thread, I see that you’re aware of the change. Glad we could introduce the “skip warning” function with the latest firmware, and thanks for your patience! :smiley:

@Will_Howden: I believe that the 740ml available resin figure is an accurate one. I have a Form2 and have been keeping print logs of how much resin I used based on the PreForm estimate figure. Today I just finished off a resin cartridge after doing numerous prints that added up to 730 mL of used resin (per the PreForm estimate figure). I also would like for a print job to continue if no more resin is in the cartridge but there is enough resin in the tray to complete the print job. Today’s print job got aborted due to insufficient resin (although there was enough left in the resin tray).

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