What is the amount of resin with empty cartridge almost full tank?

I want to print some thing which is about 0.750ml and my cartridge just gone empty, so i have a tank which is almost full. The resin is above the thin black line on the tank.
Do anyone know how much resin is approximately left on the tank?? I have to decide to continue or not?

about 100ml.

Oh sorry i made a typo, my print is 750 ml , so i will not start the print. Thank you very much for the info, this is useful information.

750ml is most of a cartridge, so definitely wouldn’t be enough.

I think if your using the Form 2, the cartridge is about 14cm x 14cm with at least a 1cm depth which would make the volume closer to 200ml (or 200cc), almost 1/4 of the entire resin container

Yeah. 100mL is the Form1. The Form2 is bigger, but I didn’t remember seeing a figure from FL, but I did remember 100mL for the Form1. So the Form2 is at least 100mL and as you say, probably close to 200mL…