Refilling Cartridge during paused print

So I’m a proud new owner of a Form 2 as of a couple weeks ago and have printed some great prints for my clients and have been very happy so far. So I ordered some more grey resin cuz I knew I would need some soon, but I did the math and calculated I should have enough resin left to print a job of 130 mL. I should have had close to 220 mL left.

With 3 hours left to print, the Form 2 tells me the cartridge is empty and it needs to be replaced. I’m looking at the resin in the tank, and there should be enough there to finish the job. But my resin order won’t come until tomorrow and this print needs to be done, like right now…

So, at work here we have a Form 1+, but it’s not working well and we have resin here just lying around. My question is, can I expect the Form 2 to continue to print, if I’ve used some of the grey resin from work to just partially refill the cartridge in my Form 2? Will the Form 2 finish the print?

You have to wait for 20 mins for tank refill to fail. Then press center button to continue, and right button to start.

Form 2 let me use until the tank until it is dry, the last print, total mess.

oh after pressing continue and start, 10 mins - 20 mins later, it may tell you that tank resin not enough, you can press to continue.

Oh your question, yes it will continue to print. Hey if you have resin from 1+. you can take from there, just pour into the tank of form 2. If it above max level, it will not start the print. It will ask you to remove some resin.

We generally don’t recommend re-filling cartridges as it comes with the risk of the bite valve wearing out and causing a failure. If you’re confident that the print can be completed with the resin in the tank, I’d recommend bypassing the cartridge empty warning and letting the print continue. Re-filling the cartridge is risky and not something we can support.

Thanks for the replies!

Frew, I totally understand that FL can’t take that position, and I agree that it’s probably a little risky. But I’m just trying to get thru this print and I have another cartridge ordered and should be here by Thursday. But I need this finished today, so I’m willing to risk a little bit of filler resin to the cartridge. I can’t imagine adding another 100 mL to the cartridge will make the bite valve fail.

And thanks Sloh, I was mainly looking for confirmation that it can work, so I can save this print (and keep a client happy). So with that, I managed to get the print going again!

But… I’ll be watching the print closely. But another question I have is if the print has been paused for 7 hours, can the Form 2 still finish out the print successfully after it’s on pause for that long?

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