Empty cartridge override mid-print

I have had two runs where the Form 2 cartridge runs out of resin during a build but the resin tank is more than full and has plenty of resin to finish the build. However, the machine stops and will not continue with the build. This is a big waste of my time and resin.

Is there a way to override this mid-print?

If not, I would like to request this feature. There are times when the cartridge runs out and my new cartridge is still in transit so I can’t just pop a new one in.

In the latest firmware (and the last few releases as well, I believe) there should be an option to “continue” that comes up on the touchscreen when the resin tank is empty. The printer will then complete the print. Are you not seeing that option? If not, I’d recommend getting in touch with support and uploading your diagnostic logs to see what’s going on.

Hmmm. Unfortunately, I can’t troubleshoot this without an empty cartridge. I remember seeing something pop up, and I touched the screen and thought it might continue, but the error message just popped up again so I cancelled the print. Next time I have an empty cartridge, I will test it out.

The form 2 will inform you about empty cartridge after failing to fill the tank. That take a long time, 10-20 mins.
Press continue. (center touch screen, then the right button) If the resin in the tank is full, It will continue. If the resin in the tank is low, after 10 mins it will tell you that the resin is too low and ask if you want to continue anyway, Press to continue. It take a while, but it can work until the tank is almost empty. I keep using my tank until it is almost dry,

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My cartridge was empty a message came up to continue so it continued until the tank was low.

A few hours later I inserted a new cartridge and the print continued until it completed.

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Yuuup. Totally missed the Continue button, i was hitting Try Again. I thought Continue meant continue not doing anything and cancel the print. Glad this is a feature already, I will use it properly in the future!