Notification re: empty cartridge (form 2)

I just got my first empty cartridge alert and I notice I didn’t get a text. Luckily I was beside the machine, but if I hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have known and the print would’ve been unnecessarily delayed.

What happens when the cartridge runs out with the 300 or so ml in the tank? does it just stop completely?

@SGuber: unfortunately, the machine stops completely, even if you have enough resin in the tank to complete your print job. It is quite annoying. I believe I read on some other forum that FormLabs is aware of this and they are looking at the possibility of letting the print continue if there is enough resin in the tank to complete the print job (even though the cartridge has just become empty).

That is pretty horrible. Not very intuitive for form1 users.

Perhaps they could add “continue without wiper” or something. I assume the wiper is part of the reason for this it shifts the resin so much.

This makes it really hard to transition from one resin to the “new” version as well. I for example have 2 liters of formlabs tough which has been updated. am I to just throw out the obselete full tray when I can’t print?

I think in Open Mode you could still keep printing. Having a small amount of resin in the tray won’t affect how it prints until it gets very low. Liquid resin will remain on the underside of the print so even if it doesn’t flow fast enough after the wiper then it should still have resin there. So really it’s just a matter of them figuring out how far it can go successfully after the cartridge runs out and there’s still resin in the tray.

You can’t swap mid print though.

Swap what?

You can’t suddenly swap to open mode.

Swap materials? I’m not sure what you mean

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