Leftover Resin

I didn’t look around to see if anyone started this convo yet, but what’s the deal with the amount of leftover resin in the Form 2 tank? It won’t let me print if the cartridge is empty, but I can see that there is more than enough resin in the tank for the few remaining layers I have to print. Is there any way of overriding this warning or consolidating resins somehow?


At the moment, you will have to insert a new cartridge to resume printing. When the printer can no longer refill the tank…it will pause operation. You can read more about our cartridge system here:

We are actively working on improvements to this system.


Cant you override the system by saying your ussing third party resin?

You can put the printer into Open Mode. We’ve also written an article on this feature here:


Hey Jory, can you switch to Open Mode in the middle of a print like this? Cary, were you able to do that to successfully finish your print?

Richard, you will not be able to switch into Open Mode in the middle of a print, so I’d always recommend having an extra cartridge on hand. Also note that the wiper and heater will be disabled in Open Mode.

We are actively working on improvements to the cartridge system, so expect some changes coming down the line.


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