How to make Form2 stop filling resin

My Form 2 is filling resin inside the tank at the beginning of prints, it displays " heating and filling" and let a huge amount of resin flow into the tank. Now the problem is, the tank is already full.

I usually print very small things, so I get more and more resin in the tank over the time.

How to make it stop Formlabs?

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Can you include a picture of what you mean by “already full”?

The Form 2 will automatically dispense resin so that the resin height in the tank is about 5mm high. Anything much above of below that should not be expected.

@CraigBroady is there a way to trick the Form 2 into thinking it has enough resin? I find that when a cartridge is nearing empty I have enough resin for a print, but the machine insists I replace the empty cartridge. This is not always possible. And sometimes, I don’t want another resin, I just want to use what I paid for.

Is there a workable solution to this?

If there’s any resin left in your cartridge—even if it’s almost empty—you should be able to start the print. When the cartridge finally does run out, the printer pauses and alerts you. If you don’t have a new cartridge but there is enough resin in the tank to complete the print, you can press “continue”.


I’ll confirm what Craig says, since I just did exactly this last week.

I was pretty much out of the last of my Tough V2 and the Tank was used up too. I had new Tough V3 and tank I wanted to install. But I still had a tank full of V2 plus a tiny bit in the cartridge. So I ran another print (even though I didn’t expect it to come out that good. Prints get a little “mushy” when the Tank’s worn out). The printer tried to fill the tank and although a dribble came out each time, it ultimately complained that there might not be enough resin. But it provided the option to continue so I pushed the “so what?” button and the print started. About 1/3rd of the way through the print, the printer paused and again said there wasn’t enough resin. It provided the option to continue again, so I did. Print finished. Print consumed about 75ml of resin. There is clearly enough resin remaining in the tank to do the same print one more time.

So, no trickery is required. The printer will complain but you can tell it to continue anyway and it will, even if your tank is bone-dry.

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Yes, i can confirm that. Sometimes if the tank is filled enough the printer displays @enough resin@, this works only for the non transparent resin, out of my experiens.

How does the sensor work? Maybe there is a way to trick it (for example with taping the optical lenses)

Had anybody tried yet?

The sensor that detects resin level is capacitive. I’d strongly recommend against trying to bypass the sensor as it will both detect resin running low during a print and prevent overflows.

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