Form2 - not enough resin near end of print

I just stopped a print from finishing due, to not enough resin was in the resin tray after 12 hours of printing. Brand new tray, and brand new flexible resin. I let the tray auto fill, but half way through I noticed the resin becoming quite low, and it was not auto-filling…is there anything I can do, pre-emptive to prevent this from happening? Pausing the print and removing the jug to add more resin to the tank?? Quite disconcerting, as I really like this printer!!!

I should also add, that the overall height of the part was near the total print height of the printer, and that there was not enough resin in the tray, as it missed a large portion of the part to continue printing…

I haven’t experienced this, but several people have posted on the forums recently that the bite valve on the bottom of the resin cartridge was not split properly or at all from the factory. Read about it here. I would advise you to contact FL support as they do want to know about faulty bite valves…if this is indeed the case.

Also the machine keeps track of how much resin has been dispensed from each cartridge. Manually pouring resin into the tank would not allow proper tracking of the resin.

Edit: You can also safely pause the machine at any time (just give it time to finish the current layer). You can then inspect any problems with the resin/cartridge and then resume printing.

make sure you dont do what i did, leave the vent closed on the top. That stops the resin coming out too!

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Pro Tip @Joe90, I forgot about that one!!!

thanks for the info

Hmm, usually if a cartridge is having trouble dispensing resin, the printer will throw an error. We use a capacitive sensor for determining the level of the resin so the printer should recognize when that level is a bit too low.

With viscous resins like Flexible, oftentimes the resin will not fully flow into the center area after the peel movement which might make it seem that there’s not enough. The resin on the surface of the print is more than enough to produce the part in this case. Is it possible that this is what’s happening? Otherwise, you should open a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot.

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