Starting afresh with the Form 1

Hi everyone, I have a Form 1 that I used for a little while and then it got shelved when I moved. The resin is now too old (nothing prints with it) and I presume the tray is also needing replacing.

I’m looking for advice on where/how I should purchase new resin and new trays?

Any help much appreciated!

The F1 and F1+ are discontinued. But F1+ tanks are the same, and FL still shows them in stock. F1 resins are not the same. You can try FL and see if they have anything left in stock. If not, you’re going to need to go with a 3rd party resin. I’ve used MadeSolid and MakerJuice with great results on my F1+, and I’m evaluating some ApplyLabWork resin now and it’s working great, too.

As long as you update the machine firmware and preform the latest resins will work except a few functional resins.

You just get a cartridge instead of a bottle (same price).

I would clean out the resin tray and if it isn’t clouded or chipped/scratched up go ahead and use it. You could order an extra for a backup.

Ok - thanks guys, much appreciated!