Third party 1/1+ resin tanks

Like many of you, I am now forced to purchase resin tanks for the 1/1+ from a third party. Are there any places that you’d recommend?

Hi I’m having the same problem. Formlabs doesn’t seem too eager to help out in this area. Would be great for them to have a bit of information or direction for the older model customers. Is my 1+ a totally obsolete machine now, destined for a landfill? - These ones claim high fidelity and also claim that they can be cleaned and reused despite not having the silicone layer…has anyone tried these? Out of stock right now. - Original formlabs trays seem to be able to be sourced here…

The Z-Vat do have a PDMS layer you can replace.

There is a FEP based tank as well:

Considering I’m on my fourth resin tank, it’s concerning they no longer support Form1/1+ pretty much at all now. I love the quality of my prints, but how quickly they pushed Form 2 when Form1+ was only a year out really kills me.

Has anyone done the shipping to the states on a goprint3d tank? The others seem really expensive for how often they get replaced.

Zvat has reusable tanks. I also found these but haven’t tried them:

There are clear ones that fit the F1 machines and also aluminum ones that use fep film it looks like.
I have not tried any of those so not sure if you need to adjust the z height or not.

I had looked into the flexvat but not too crazy about the fact that you need to change the build platform as the print area is smaller. I am also concerned on the chance it may leak since the frame is made of urethane resin which isn’t all that tough. It might be fine but don’t know of anyone that has used them. The flexvat might be a great tank but I just don’t know.

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