Are Form+1s still viable and if so

…for how long? I have a person wanting to sell me a form +1 and I’m thinking of buying it cuz it’s such a screaming deal. I already have a Form2 but I dont think I can pass this +1 up.

That said…can anyone seasoned Form+1 owners hip me to the facts?

Will I still be able to find:

Build Platforms?
And what Resin is compatible with said printer?

ANY Help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can still buy tanks from FormLabs, or you can get aftermarket ones like the ones from ZVat.

Build Platform
It doesn’t really wear out. I bought an extra one when I got my printer, and it’s still in the box, never had a need to replace the original one.

Even if Formlabs chooses to keep making resins that only work right on the Form 2 or require the form 2, you can get 3rd party resins like ApplyLabWorks. FormLabs certainly has the market on variety, but if you can use more basic resins (like beige/white, gray, Black flexible and such, then you don’t need to worry about resins.

I have a Form 1+, and don’t plan on getting a Form 2 (unless I can get one really cheap). The Form 1+ does all I need it to do.

The only concern are printer parts availability. Eventually the laser will probably fail, and there’s the steppers and the galvanometers, which may or may not fail. FormLabs is very uptight about providing replacement parts for DIY, and even of you’re willing to pay the $800 replacement/repair fee, the service may not be available in the near future.

If it was me, and the price was really right, I’d get it, but then it depends on what type of user you are. If you’re willing to put some work into it, and maybe try to repair it yourself when the time comes, then get it.

DUDE! er, I mean Dudemeister…thank you for that in depth answer, just what I was looking for.
I will look into the company you mentioned. Do you know anyone else who is doing what you are doing?

I would love to hear more info from the more advance users like yourself in the forums.

Thanks again!


Dudemeister…how does one tell the difference between the form and the form1+ by looking at them?

Thanks again for the info!

The label on the back should tell you if it’s Form 1 or a Form 1+. However, FormLabs had previously upgraded Form 1’s to 1+ and when they did, they applied the new sticker on the back.

I have heard, but I don’t know if it’s true or not, that the way to tell an upgraded Form 1/1+ from a original Form 1+ is the color of the aluminum, which is darker on the Form 1+ than the older model, like gun metal vs bright silver.

Perhaps someone that is more familiar with this could chime in (FormLabs perhaps?).

Getting a Form 1 that was upgrade to a Form 1+ does not guarantee that all the components were updated, of special concern is the laser, as the Form 1+ laser is supposed to be “better”.

There are quite a few Form 1+ users here, and like me, some don’t plan on dropping $3500 on a Form 2 any time soon, as the Form 1+ serves just fine for our needs.

Unless it’s a very good deal

The Form1/1+ has some disadvantages, smaller build size and the need to dust it out regularly. Formlabs is also working to drop support for it.

Hey Everyone!

Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute to this thread. I just wanted to jump in and clear up and misunderstandings about what’s currently possible regarding Form 1+ units.

At this time, we are no longer doing repairs of any kind for Form 1+ printers. This means that even if you wanted to pay the $800.00 out of warranty repair charge we don’t have the necessary spare part inventory available to make that possible.

We’re equipped to supply a couple spare parts, chiefly the Peel Motor and some replacement mirrors(small and large mirror, but not galvos). Lasers are neither field replaceable, nor do we have the spare stock available to send spares if folks wanted to try repairs themselves.

As far as how to tell the difference between the 1 and the 1+, it’s honestly pretty difficult. There should be a sticker on the back telling you what it is. Shell color is a decent indication, but there was some overlap so it’s not a guarantee. The way to know for sure is to hook it up to a computer and confirm how it appears in PreForm.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any other questions you have!

First let me start with the last answer. As mentioned, it’s fairly easy to tell if the unit is Form 1 or a Form 1+ by simply looking at the label on the back or the machine or in PreForm.

The trickier part is figuring out whether the printer is a true Form 1+, or a Form 1 that was upgraded to Form 1+ firmware. My understanding is that in the upgrade process, Formlabs did not always upgrade the laser, which is a very big deal. I had such a printer once, and had nothing but problems.

With regard to spare parts and repairs, or lack thereof, Should anyone have issues, they can always press the point by invoking the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which states that a manufacturer engaged in the manufacture and sale of devices costing in excess of $100 must provide replacement parts for those product for at least 7 years. They don’t have to provide the service, but the have to provide the parts.

I brought this up before, because Formlabs doesn’t seem to think it’s important, but according to the law, it is.
I know that once this is brought up, all posts from Formlabs cease, but I wish they would actually tackle the issue and answer the subject, rather than avoid it.

So here is the question: Does FormLabs intend to comply with the law and provide spare parts for the 7 year period of time the law prescribes?

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Is that a nationwide law or just for us in CA?

As far as I know, every state has it’s own version of the lemon law, and then there’s a federal law called the Moss-Magnussen Warranty Act that offers consumer protections.

What each state’s implementation provides under the law, and how it differs from California, I don’t know, but at least here in California, the wording is specific.

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Thanks for clearing that up, when I looked it up all the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act stuff came up from California. Good info to know and interested on how Formlabs proceeds with this.