I am very sad with the company Form labs

Hello, good morning, I introduce myself.

My name is Pedro, I’m Spanish, and 2 years ago I have my 1+ forms labs.

First, apologize for my English. and thanks in advance for reading my publication.

I present my experience and problem. (I already have an open support ticket) but in my experience with you, I need help.

When I bought my Form 1+, I fully trusted Formlabs.

The first two years of my printer’s life were great. I have always been a correct user, I have always used resins, tanks and software, official.

** July 2017: **
I had a breakdown in my 1+ form.
It turned out to have defective impressions (indefinite pieces, pieces that fall or supports own of the laboratories) mainly in my right side of my platform.

I got in touch with formlabs and after several tests, such as pigeon form impressions (a lot of delay in answering 20 days), they tell me that my only solution is: a payment of 800 + VAT. In this way, my printer would be repaired.
(I understood this and made my payment).

** August 2017: **
I receive my repaired printer.
My surprise !!! … after 4 impressions, (the truth), my supports and pieces are again broken or not printed. (I think) (is it impossible for the printer to be my resin?) … Buy new resin … the same result … contact again with Formlabs, more tests … of pigeons formlabs … Formlabs recognizes that it has not been repaired correctly … I send my printer again.

** September 2017: **
I receive my printer and, to my surprise !!!, it’s not mine !!!, it’s a “new” one.
I try and think … (I can work again) … but …
New surprise when I make a technical piece … now my printer prints inclined pieces. (For example, a rectangle was not a rectangle) was similar to the tower of Pisa. (Italy).
You can think about my situation …
I send the printer again.

** October 2017: **
I receive the printer New surprise! It’s not the previous printer … it’s another totally different one! (Is this really serious?)
But I was satisfied because the impressions were fortunately correct … I closed my tickets and, in spite of the discomforts … I was kind and I appreciated the work of formlabs …

January 15, 2018:
Is incredible!!! I have not yet reached the 2nd liter of resin.
When again I have a new error never happened.
My pieces are printed with deformed sheets between layers (random)
Mostly on my right side of the printer.
I clean my large mirror exactly as formlabs indicates, but I have no solution.I buy new resin tank and new resins.
I perform a test of my laser with official “diagnostic” Formlabs and … I find my problem !!!
My Laser is not good !!! (attached photos).

At this moment, my company is in chaos, I have lost clients since July 2017 and now this.
This can not go on like this. I am a client of Formlabs experienced with my team and I fully understand what is happening.
Formlabs is taking me to ruin, I have paid for my printer, my repair, tanks and resin extras … without getting results … resin in the garbage can …

What am I supposed to do now pay another 800 + Iva ?.
And in two months to pay again?

I consider that I have been very cautious.
But there are many economic losses that my company has suffered.
I can not tolerate this…I’m very sad.

Please, I need your help.
Or I ask Formlabs to speak with a senior manager.

Form 1+ customers are not to blame for having a printer that is not the star of the formlabs company.
When I buy my Form1 + trust.
They must give reasonable solutions and correct repairs.

Thank you very much for your time and help.


This isn’t the customer experience we strive for and the number of repairs your machine has needed to go through is disappointing. Our support team is best suited to help out with issues like these, and we’ll continue working to provide you consistent printing results. Do you have a ticket open? If not, I can get you in touch with a member of our team. The laser spot test isn’t something that’s used much anymore as the results are inconsistent, and it’s not a reliable diagnostic tool. Hopefully we’re able to get this up and running for you quickly.

Hello Goodnight.

You must apologize. My partner has an open support ticket, his name is Adrian and he is served by Daniel de Form labs.

I am very nervous, I lose customers per week.

thanks for the reply.

Hello good afternoon.

I’m still waiting … is this normal? Please can you help me?

Thank you

Have you not heard back from our team yet? A 5 day wait isn’t normal and we strive to respond to most tickets within 1 business day. Let me know if you haven’t heard back, and I’ll look into this to you.

Hello Goodnight Frew.

Daniel has contacted us.

Again collect the printer to be repaired. (It’s the fourth time)

Now I ask.
Who repairs the printer?
Understand that it is not normal that it is the fourth time that you should pick up my printer for the repair of my Form1 +. I do not want my repair to be done by the same support as all the previous times.

We must bear in mind that each time it arrives it is a different printer, Fentopigeon, Royal Babom, SplendidCub … which is the next one?

Are we going to take us like this all our lives?

Frew, I consider myself an experienced form labs user. In 2 years I have not had problems.

What is happening?

Please, can you talk so that my printer is repaired correctly? When I paid my repair in 2017, I thought everything would work out correctly.

I trust Frew, so you let your classmates know that this situation requires attention.

It is more important than anyone is understanding.

I can not receive different printers each time I receive my form 1+.
This is not professional.

I’m tired of printing, formlabs pigeons, cleaning mirrors and changing resins and tanks.

I definitely need your help.

Today my company has closed the SLA printing service. Many clients have abandoned me, “I thank” Formlabs for destroying what many years it cost me work to start.

I think I do not deserve this.

I see that I was not the only one affected by your mistake.
This Link:

I claim a printer perfectly repaired and not used, it is incredible that the last one I received has dry resin in its casing.

I want my printer repaired in the right place.

Thank you very much.

My tickets are: #130729

Hello Pedro,
I can only say this is a crazy situation. Usually Formlabs reacts quickly.

I am responding since I’ve seen one of my old messages included, from a few years ago.
Typical practice is to ship out a different machine, because it is faster than waiting for yours to come in and then be checked and repaired.
Even though I personally would rather wait and get MY MACHINE back as well.

What Formalbs should do, they should send you a Form2. After all the troubles - The Form2 Is by far superior to the Form 1+, in any regard and you will see quickly how inferior the older system was/is.

Frew, if you’re reading this what do you think about sending out a Form2 to Pedro?

I’m also Spanish but I’m a happy customer.

Now, get yourself a form 2 and all your problems will go away.

Formlabs is a good company and I’m sure they will be sending you a form 2 soon or probably some kind of deal for an exchange,

Pm me if you have any questions.

Buena suerte!

No quiero suerte, quiero resolución!!!

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Hello good day.

Thank you all for the concern. I appreciate this very much.

Apologies for English, it’s not very good.

Finally, Form labs responds:
They only change my form1 + for a form2 only if I pay an extra amount.

If I make calculations taking into account the sum that I have spent on the repair, time of losses, it is exactly the same as buying a new one … this is not reasonable, this is a shame.

This does not make sense to me after so many months without being able to work, time money and lost clients … I have fulfilled as a client by trusting formlabs and paying my high amount € for repair. I paid for my repair and I have no solution even after this time.

7 months of problems. They have ruined my business. For Formlabs this is a “more” client. The losses that they may suffer for my case are small, considering the great company they are. But I am a small business.

I now have the service outsourced to other companies. Do you think this is reasonable?

Luck is not when you deposit thousands of € in teams that you think are professionals.

I understand that my form1 + is an old model but can not be responsible with the clients in charging € 1000 and 7 months! with problems.

I also understand that equipment does not last a lifetime. The electronic equipment needs repair. I understand this. But if FormLabs demanded € 1000 to repair my Form1 + 7 months ago now my demand is completely normal.

The fourth printer that I receive and not repaired … this is embarrassing.

Here the problem is not form1 + or form2.

I’m an engineer technician. When my clients have problems or I repair or give solutions.

I do not say: (For example) You have the car broken down? Then spend more money and buy the new model … after having paid a repair!
I repeat, it’s not serious, it’s not professional.
I did not expect this from FormLabs.

I remember perfectly when I bought my form 1+.
It was the best in the market … let’s imagine that I buy a Form2.

When the time passes and form labs have another superior model … will force customers to buy again a new one?

Well of course!!!. I never thought that this would happen to me.

I have already paid for my repair, this situation is not reasonable for a “company”.

Social networks are everything now. I am in a WhatsApp group with more than 40 participants, engineers, university professors, technicians, students … etc … which we have the WhatsApp group with a purpose … Learn together about 3D.
We are already learning in which teams or companies we should not trust. They are living this uncomfortable situation next to me. Of course they refuse to buy formlabs, not because of their equipment, but because of my terrible Post-Sale-Repair experience.

Everything will depend on the final solution received.

Frew, do you think I like to be saying all this? … Of course not, but it is the terrible Truth.

The solution is a good repair service which I see that they do not have it. I think you should watch carefully “what professionals repair your printers”.

After this terrible experience, Formlabs must give me a good solution.

If not, neither I nor my acquaintances will deposit their trust and money in FormLabs.

Formlabs will know exactly what you are winning or losing with this operation.

It is my last argument.

My tickets are: #130729

I will answer with my solution, so that each partner draw their own conclusions.


The Form 1+ is such an unreliable design, Formlabs shouldn’t even offer to repair them. They should just swap them out for Form 2 machines for free.

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Have you been following any of the reliability issues that Form 2 users are encountering with their “reliable” machines???

Well, I speak from my own personal experience of two Form 1+s that were incredibly unreliable, and two Form 2s that have been amazing.

This is not the right thread to hash this out, but if you’d like to start a topic on Form 1+ vs. Form 2 reliability, I’d be more than glad to participate.

That big square you see around the laser dot is the small mirror. I think it is covered with a haze or layer of fine dust. I would suggest cleaning that small mirror, galvos and check the big mirror again and make sure it is clean too.
Also suggest getting a cover or making one for the machine to keep dust out when not in use. I can’t tell you how much a cover has kept my machine printing reliably. Prior to that I had many issues with supports failing, ragged prints and complete failures. Now unless I make a mistake the print comes out every time,

Hello good afternoon.

I have a dust cover when I do not use my printer.

I know my Form1 + I have been with it for many years. I know when I have to clean the mirrors (large and small) or Galvanometros.

The fault is of the Laser I interceded with a role between the laser and the Galvo and surprise, the same error in my paper.

Still waiting for FormLabs to pick up my printer, last message received from Formlabs, on Friday.

That square, is an indication that the laser collimating lens is missing, misaligned or broken or something, as there is no visible beam.

Thanks for the reply.

Believe me I would like not to have to send my printer again.

This Form1 + “SplendidCub”, came from the repair service 2 months ago.

It is normal? this error? Do you think we can do something? … I do not think so.

I would love to know the life of use of this received printer.

I have many other FDM printers with closed software that tell me.

Why does not Formlabs help customers to be able to do more tests? just clean mirrors.

And as it is evident if the laser fails. Why does not Formlabs send a new laser or sell these parts?

It’s worth the calibration … please, we already pay a lot for these equipments that they teach to calibrate it, after all they are ours !!!

I wish I had an adjustment potentiometer, etc.

I do not understand what happened seriously, the printer has not had a bad use, I treat this equipment like a baby xd.

While Formlabs takes its time, any objections or tests to be made?

Of course the laser has never been like this. I check it month after month.

Thanks Friends for your answers. :frowning:


I just got very nervous !!!

I just received a general email from Formlabs !!!

Formlabs stops giving support and repairs of our Form1 + and stop making the tanks and resins !!!

Those of us who have Form1 + are condemned !!!

Please, Formlabs help us.

You should know how to treat the customers of Form1 +.

I’m serious. Will you do the same with Form2? Will you leave the customers abandoned when the time passes?

You must make a reasonable renovation campaign. We have always trusted you can not do this …

Hi @SPSpain,

First I am sorry for the troubles you are having with your Form 1+. I have been a Form2 user for almost 2 years now and only had great experiences.

Regarding the Form 1+. In Formlabs defense, they did announce this back in August 2017 here. What you just received was a more of a reminder. There was a long discussion on that thread which you can read yourself, I will not repeat here. IMO a company has to make a decision with regards to how long they will support a product. Just like Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, Formlabs cannot support older machines forever.

That being said I sincerely hope you get your situation resolved ASAP.


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