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Ongoing Support for the Form 2


On behalf of the Formlabs team, thank you for continuing to trust us with your 3D printing needs. With the announcement of the Form 3 and Form 3L printers, we remain committed to providing industry-leading support for Form 2 customers and partners. We know that many of you have come to depend on the Form 2. We’d like to share with you our plan for supporting the Form 2 into the future:

Form 2 Consumables (Resin Cartridges, Resin Tanks, Build Platforms, etc.): We will continue to sell Resin Tanks (Standard and LT), Build Platforms, and our current library of materials for the Form 2. We have a dedicated user base, and we want to enable you to print using Form 2’s through at least 2023.

Form 2 Support: We will continue to provide you with industry-leading customer support through at least 2023. Customers and partners can continue to contact Formlabs for any questions or help. As always, you can still contact us to learn more about additional services like our Pro Service Plan.

Form 2 Service and Spare Parts: Of course, we will honor warranty terms on any purchased printers. We will continue to supply user-replaceable spare parts into 2023.

Form 2 Printer Availability: We sell certified refurbished Form 2 printers via our web store. We expect to sell this product well into the future. (If we stop offering them, we will update this Forum post.)

Thank you for your loyalty to Formlabs. We look forward to continuing our work with you and your company in the future.

Curious about what’s new for the Form 3? Read our blog post to explore the differences between the Form 3 and the Form 2.

New Form 2 Printers Sold Out; Certified Refurbished Printers Now Available
We're so happy to announce the Form 3 and Form 3L!

So what you are saying is my Form2 will be obsolete and unusable after 2023? because I won’t be able to purchase tanks and consumables after that date? Not happy!


Agreed. With this end date, the effective lifespan for my Form 2 will only have been 6 years. That is very short for a $3500 piece of tech.


Does it have OPEN MODE? I don’t see that listed under specifications.


Not sure this is the thread you wanted, but it will have Open Mode around the time of initial deliveries. More information and specifics to come in the next couple weeks.


I have 2 Form2 units and do from 6 to 8 builds a day. I use only open mode that’s why I’m asking. I do feel it’s a support question because is the Form3 didn’t have Open Mode it rules out a lot on functionality.


I’ve only had my Form 2 for a year now, I was hesitant to buy one at first because I was worried about the release of a new printer. The only reason I purchased was because FormLabs when questioned about new printers specifically said that their focus is on materials right now, not printers.

So for the price I paid, I’m only going to get another 4 years of support?? It’s hard not to feel cheated but that’s how I feel now, especially with that price drop on the Form 2.


My 3 year old 4k flat TV costing me >2k is now unsupported by the manufacturer.

I don’t think it’s unfair. If you look at how they handled the Form 1/1+, I’m confident they will do their best to keep people going when they stop support. Besides that: if the market for this printer is still big enough, others will step in like what is happening with the F1/1+ now.


That’s an odd comparison…a TV is a leisure item, a 3d printer can be one too but it can also be a tool for a printing business which is what I’m doing. Especially since as I said FormLabs publicly said “no new printers on the horizon” so to speak. It’s their company, FormLabs can do whatever they want, I’m just expressing that I do feel cheated on price and shortened customer service.


If you can’t earn the printer back in 5 years there is something wrong with the business model(no offence!). Lot of things change and in 5 years, there are probably printers outcompeting the form 2 easily. I do understand what you feel, but formlabs is still a business. If they can’t make money after 2023 on the form 2 but keep supporting it, it would make for an unhealthy situation.

And yes, it feels wrong if you just bought the printer and support told you there was no news. But they can’t say to expect a printer soon if it hasn’t been announced.


No offence taken, I’m just more displeased about the time limit on customer service than anything else. What will happen if my printer breaks and needs service? Sure I can just buy the new Form 3, but I’m the kind of person that likes to get as much life out of a tool as possible even if the ROI already played out long ago. Just no happy is all.

Edit: As an example, the first week I had the printer, the laser went faulty and needed servicing. What option will there be for me if something like that happens after 4 years?

Edit: @armstrongc93
I have no problems with everything you just said, sounds right for everything CAD related. I’m sorry but I just can’t help feeling down about it, specifically the customer service. I’m just starting my business and it’s custom figurines, so my printing frequency is no-where near yours.

I’m fully aware for how long the Form 2 was available before I purchased one, but FormLabs themselves have said in the other thread that a lot of parts are compatible between the Form 2 and Form 3, so why limit the customer service time?

Again, FormLabs can do whatever they want. Just expressing my disappointment is all.


Four years (bringing it up to 8 years total) is a very long time for a piece of tech to be supported. I don’t expect my CAD PC to last 8 years, even though it cost me more than a Form2 does. I give it 2-3 years tops before it needs a full upgrade, along with almost every other tech product/piece of software I use for my business.

I use my Form2 for work, along with my other printers (engineering prototyping), and don’t expect more than 12 months out of them. They on average have lasted me 15-16 months before needing to be replaced, either through FL’s refurb program or just buying a new one. I have no problem with this as they all run almost constantly during working hours with little to no issues (usually 60+ hours per week), and pay themselves off in a few months. Being how complex these machines are, it’s also unrealistic to expect them to last 4 years in the first place if you are going to run them for business use. Laser diodes burn out, and so do sensors and motors, and all are sensitive to environmental conditions.

The warranty only lasts a year anyway, before you are paying for repairs, so you’re really not getting shortchanged. If it was a 5 year warranty or something, then I can see being upset, and being upset for being told nothing new was coming is also understandable. But, as fantasy2 said, they aren’t going to say a new printer is coming out until it’s announced.


I have a Epilog Legend 12x24 laser engrave/cutter that is almost 10 years old. I can still get parts for it and support from Epilog. That’s a company that sticks with it’s products. This one I gave to my son and he’s using it. He wants it serviced and the area dealer told him to bring it in and they would go over it for him.

I look for this kind of backing and service from FormLabs. It’s important when your in business to be able to depend on your suppliers.


Bravo to you @armstrongc93. You worded it perfectly. Thank you!


As the build platforms for the 2 and the 3 are compatable and they all use the same cartridge the only issue is the tanks.
I have to agree that another 4 years is a pretty short lifespan for the printer (even with 3rdparty supplies) I would have expected at bare minimum another 6 years (upto 2025) with either finding an official 3rd party to continue making the tanks post 2025 or yourselves making the tanks in smaller batches to cater for the legacy customers.

This issue of consumabes for our printers and the avaiability in the future is damaging your brand and destroying customer loyalty.
All its doing is pushing customers away to other brands.
I got my Form1+ in 2014. It was £2500. That was a hell of a lot of money for me then.
5 years ago and now its obsolete. Yes 3rds partys do tanks, but they’re at least double the cost of the originals.
In 2017 I came into a little bit of money and I upgraded to the Form2 with the intention of running both.
You’re basically giving this printer a 6 year lifespan for me.
With this kind of track record I will have no choice but to no longer choose Formlabs in the future. I’m not a large (or even small) company, I’m a self employed sculptor, without my printer you’re pretty much dooming my buisness for the future and I think you’re doing the same for yours for all but large customers


Not everyone is in business with their Form2 nor are all those who do are big businesses. It’s a bit condescending to think it’s all big businesses out there.
Mine is a retirement business and I don’t make big bucks at it. But in order to be there I have to have the equipment and need to plan on it for a good length of time.
I have 2 Form2 machines and have thought of a third one, but no I’m starting to wonder if that will be a good choice.


Correct me if I am wrong, but within the EU you have 10 years of consumer reclamation rights were you as a vendor / manufacturer must support the product 10 years beyond the last sale. In other words if support, be it consumables or spare parts are withdrawn in 2023, I who bought my Form 2 in Jan 2019 can simply return my Form 2.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of making a stink of this, but 4 years availability of consumables and parts from last purchase will certainly make a few people angry enough to do something about it! I seriously doubt this will be a factor for me or my business, who will likely have moved on to the next great thing by then.


as an artist this printer is part of my toolbox. i do not own a small business, i do not print 6 or 8 of anything a day nor do i intend to. it is however a significant investment. and yes, i am one of those who am/will be dissapointed if in 3 more years i am unable to use my Form 2. your consumers do at the end of the day pay your bills. do better of us in return.


Sorry, you’re wrong. It’s 2 years, and it’s for defective products. Not a guarantee of selling replacement parts or service. Also the defective product had to have been defective at the time you received it.


I’m sad to see the Form 2 go, but so glad to see the company continue to innovate. And my Form 2 will keep me going for quite some time to come.

As for those of you worried about replacement parts, just stock up on what you think you’ll need in 2022, and then you’ll be good to go.