New Form 2 Printers Sold Out; Certified Refurbished Printers Now Available


Thank you for your continued use of the Form 2 and for your overwhelmingly positive response to our recently-announced Form 3 and Form 3L printers! We will begin shipping the Form 3 at the end of June.

Limited Form 2 Availability as of Today

We deeply appreciate your ongoing interest and use of the Form 2. With the introduction of the Form 3, we have scaled back production of the Form 2 and sold the limited remaining units. New Form 2 printers are no longer available for order from the Formlabs web store.

Ongoing Support and Consumables for Form 2 Continue

With this announcement, we want to reiterate our commitment to providing industry-leading support for the Form 2. On April 2, we shared our Statement of Ongoing Support for the Form 2 and pledged ongoing availability of Form 2 consumables, support, and spare parts. We stand behind the commitment to our users.

Certified Refurbished Form 2 Printers

We are selling a limited number of certified refurbished Form 2 printers with the same one-year warranty as new units. These certified refurbished units are available now through our web store, from your Formlabs sales representative or from Formlabs partners.

Thank you for your loyalty to Formlabs. We look forward to continuing our work with you and your organization in the future.

Already have a Form 2? You are eligible for a $500 discount on a new Form 3 or Form 3L before June 30, 2019. Contact Formlabs or reach out to your local partner to learn more. Explore the differences between our desktop 3D printers.

Ongoing Support for the Form 2

so why dont you send me a spare part for laser then ? i can replace it and setup focus with my device.
instead of this you guys forcing me to send it in and pay 900euro+tax witch is ridicules amount for a laser module replacement