Unopened - Refurbished Form 2 for Sale $2399


My printer was recently replaced under warranty, and I have received a refurbished Form 2 from FormLabs. It will remain under warranty until the end of this September. This refurbished printer is still in the box and is unopened! I originally paid $3,849.00 plus tax and shipping. I recently joined a maker space that has a Form2 so I longer need my own though I am not desperate to sell. Located in the Philadelphia area.

Refurbished Form 2 Printer still under warranty until October.
2 unused Resin Tanks with upgraded glass bottom from Z-Vat ((still in box ($110 each value)).
2 used Resin Tanks
Brand New Build Platform still in box.
Slightly Used Finishing Kit

Also available is a 8 months used Form Wash for $400.


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