Ongoing Support for the Form 2


That’s not really what this is about. Tank and consumables we can deal with without Formlabs, it’s the internal components which are an issue. From simple things like the optical window to more complex stuff like the galvo/galvo drivers as well as the laser which definitely has a finite lifetime.

The main reason why I am not buying a Formlabs product for myself (I use them at work and have chosen them myself) is that in 2022 if I need to change the laser I would rather either spend 500 bucks through Formlabs to replace it or replace it myself but none of these options are available as Formlabs doesn’t supply the information / hardware or software material to perform these repairs.


Wow, very, very dissapointing. I love my Form2, just had it refurbished last year, that was about $1000. I thought thst was fair, even though it was only 2yrs old.
It’s not about the tanks and consumables, it is about sticking by your product. It’s about the integrity of a company. My Rav4 is over 10 years old, they don’t make a V6 anymore but Toyota still services it and keeps it in mint condition. I mourn the throw away society we have become.

I think my next printer will have to respond to the voice command, “Earl Grey tea, hot”


Add another user here that is very disappointed in this announcement. I don’t run a company but am a propmaker/hobbyist and will be paying off my Form 2 long after support has ended.

After having been very apprehensive on entering the realm of SLA, having read all the problems associated with it, compared with the laboring workhorse nature of FDM in the Ultimaker machines which I have used for several years (to results that often come close to competing with SLA), I was just barely convinced by the reseller that it would be a sound investment for my activities.

Formlabs’ support has for the most part been great, and has been the only thing that has kept me from demanding to return/refund my Form 2 in what has been 10 months of (expensive) tinkering and experimenting that so far have yielded precious few usable results. Yes, there is a learning curve and yes, this is still a new(-ish) technology, but as of yet the hardware has not (yet) done for me ‘what it says on the tin’.

Naturally, Formlabs have to make money to survive, but with tens of thousands of machines sold, and more to sell, there must surely be enough of a market to supply parts and service machines for more than just two more years!

I have sent them a long letter voicing my concern.

Hopefully, if enough customers let them know, they will reevaluate and extend the lifespan.