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We're so happy to announce the Form 3 and Form 3L!

The price?

Hi Dan,

This is very exciting! Can you give us the exact X,Y and Z print dimensions?


It’s a bit unclear what the advantages are for the Form 3 VS Form 2. For engineering parts, with less focus on visual quality, is there a net advantage to the new “light engine” ? Will the minimum feature size change ? Will the reliability and dimensional accuracy change, if yes how much ?

From the video on youtube I can only get that there are a bit less supports but it’s difficult to really judge how much better the Form 3 is compared to he Form 2.

If you want people to upgrade their Form 2, you should explain better why we should. With the information I have I’ll have trouble making the case to my boss to upgrade.

Great point! We will have some blog posts going up shortly that will go much deeper into the specific differences between the Form 2 and Form 3.

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I presume that the Form3L will produce parts that require the post curing - similar to the previous generation Form printers. Will there be a larger volume post cure station (and washing station)??


There was definitely a reason not to announce this on April 1st :laughing:


You guys should just make an upgrade pack without the post-processing kit for people who have already a form2 (and even the wash and cure, so my postprocessing kit is totally useless)

Where to get the 500 euro/USD discount?

Also it is not clear if the resins are the same, I guess so. That would make having both 3 and 2 viable

The weight of Form3L?

Also it is not clear if the resins are the same, I guess so.

Same resins, same cartridges!

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I can’t register for the webinar on April 9th. “Page not found” when I press “Save my seat”

Links have been updated! Thanks for the heads up that they were missing! :slight_smile:

Website is under a bit of a load right now, should be back up shortly!

Great announcement! Can’t wait to see one in real life the L looks HUGE!

so what would be the price without the form wash and cure? and any word on the printing speed?

check the store, prices are there.

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the price in the store only shows with the form wash and cure and both warranty’s. want to know the price of just the form 3

not really. you can select a basic kit also. I think it was something 3960 euros inc VAT

I see both, $3,500 for just the Form 3.